Episode1_One Simple Mistake That Keeps You from Throwing an Ace

We all want to be better at disc golf. We all dream about getting an ace. And you’ve probably read and watched a lot of tips to take your game to the next level and finally throw the infamous ace!

What you don’t know is you’re probably neglecting a simple task that is crucial in improving your overall performance.

Wanna better yourself on the course? NEVER SKIP THE WARM-UP. Warming up before playing disc golf should be a part of your disc golf routine.

Yeah, we hear you…

You wanna throw plastic, you don’t wanna do stretches!

But if you don’t warm up before your first throw, your chances of injuring yourself significantly increases.

Like our good friend, David, who tried to throw the disc so hard that he tore his rotator cuff. BOOM! In one motion, he was out of commission for four months. He wasn’t able to play disc golf and it made simple activities such as combing his hair difficult.

Just like new rubber bands, your muscles tend to snap when you try to extend them. But the more you use them, the stronger and more flexible they become.

To prevent injuring your muscles and joints, spend 10-15 minutes warming up and getting your body loose.

What happens when you warm up?

Aside from preventing injuries, it increases your circulation, body temperature, and your heart rate. It prepares your body for the round ahead and improves your overall performance.

It increases flexibility, strength, and body coordination which allows you to release with more power thus increasing the distance and speed with every throw.

It also prepares you mentally for the game ahead –bringing you closer to achieving that ace!

Throwing an ace is hard. Hard, but not impossible. And if you start your disc golf routine right, you’ll get better at your game and understand what you must do to finally throw the infamous ace.


1. Shoulder Circles

2. Arm Across the Body

3. Arm Behind Head

4. Side Bend

5. Lunge and Rotation

6. Hamstring Stretch

7. Calf Stretch

8. Hip Circle Stretch