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design-a-disc Contest

Welcome to Tornado Throw’s Design-A-Disc Contest! We need your artistic and creative minds to help design our disc golf drivers. We already have a logo. What we need is a design that we’ll use for our discs. Anything related to the text or symbol of “Tornado Throw” is considered a LOGO design and will be invalid.

What we are looking for is a design that we can use as the name of our discs. For example:

Image of Einstein, we name it GENIUS.
Image of a Queen, we name it MAJESTY.
Image of a Wolf with Claws, we name it WOLVERINE.
Image of Avenger Airforce Flying Suit, we name it FALCON.

But all of the above are taken and/or copyrighted, So, we’re looking forward to seeing your creativity with your original designs.

VOTING PERIOD: May 20-25(The voting period was changed due to some internal technical problems)

Please read the official contest rules below.  

Official Contest Rules:


• The contest is open only to individuals. 
• All contestants MUST be age 18 or over at the time of entry. 
• All entries must be your original work. Don’t plagiarize! 

2.Contest Entry Guidelines
• All entries must contain copyright-free designs. The unauthorized use of any copyright images, text, or other materials will not be accepted. 
• All entries must be submitted online. Please register here:
• Only 1 entry may be submitted by any one individual. 
• Entries must conform to the following format and dimension guidelines below: 
• Should be JPEG or PNG format with 300 resolution
• Size should be square “2000 x 2000” pixels 
• If the size and format requirements are not met, the quality and resolution of your images will be compromised
• Any batman design is not acceptable 
• No clipart or pre-made templates 
• Entries must NOT be works submitted to other contests. 
• Entries must NOT be submitted to other contests.
• Entries should NOT be presented or released in all forms of visual media (i.e., advertisements, stock, photos, SNS, etc.) 

3.Selection of the Winner
• For the initial screening, the company management will choose the top designs that best match our brand. Entries will be judged on their visual appeal, quality of design, and ease of reproduction.
• Tornado Throw reserves the right not to select designs if, at its sole discretion, no suitable entries are received.
• Tornado Throw reserves the right to disqualify any entry at its sole discretion. No correspondence shall be entered.
• The design with the most number of votes will be chosen as the winner of this contest.
• Use of AUTOLIKES and similar programs or scripts will never be allowed and will be disqualified.
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 please read the official contest rules before submitting your entry.

Disc Golf Discs Samples Only

Here are some of the examples of Disc Golf Disc Designs.
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